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At Total Security, we’re always ready and willing to guard whatever it is you need us for. Whether it be personal or corporate, we are here for YOU!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire Total Security?

Our team has worked with renowned companies like Penske and (insert), and we’ve had jobs to guard events at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex and other reputable places.

What Do Security Guards Do?

Anything you need us to do! From standing stoically at an entrance gate to patrolling the grounds of an event hall, we are here for all of your security needs. Personal security will stay as far or close as you ask them to, and if you have armed security, they will defend with firearms when deemed absolutely necessary. Our goal is to prevent problems from starting before they happen.

Do I Have To Sign Any Contracts?

If you want to, sure. We offer plans that allow you to pay as you go if you’d like, as well as short and long term contracts. Every security job is it’s own unique case, and we make sure to offer many options to anyone in need of our services.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Security Guards?

Our pricing at Total Security is highly competitive, and prices vary from job to job. For instance, corporate security will generally cost more than household security, but it really is a case by case thing. The best thing to do is submit your information to receive a quote, so that we can accurately give you a price!

Is Total Security Insured?

Yes! Total Security is licensed and insured.

Security Guard Services


Bodyguards aren’t intimidation tools like movies depict them to be. Rather, they’re symbols of order and ward off conflict. Guards are imperative for maintaining a certain air of peace for an area, and they are excellent at dissolving any problems that arise the moment they do.

Patrol Services

Guard patrol services involve trained security personnel monitoring designated areas to deter crime, respond to incidents, and ensure safety. They conduct regular patrols, maintain surveillance, and enforce security protocols to protect property, assets, and people.

Corporate Security

Corporate security encompasses measures, protocols, and technologies implemented by companies to safeguard assets, employees, and information from internal and external threats. It involves risk assessment, access control, surveillance, cybersecurity, and crisis management to ensure business continuity and protect against various risks.

Church Security

Church security encompasses measures to protect worshippers, clergy, and property from threats like violence, theft, or vandalism. It involves training staff, implementing surveillance systems, conducting risk assessments, and possibly hiring security personnel to ensure a safe worship environment.

Bank Security

Bank security involves robust measures to protect financial assets, data, and customers from theft, fraud, and cyberattacks. It encompasses physical security, encryption protocols, biometric authentication, surveillance systems, and staff training to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of banking services.

Transport Security

Transport security involves measures to safeguard people, goods, and infrastructure during transit. It encompasses protocols, technologies, and regulations to prevent threats like terrorism, theft, and accidents, ensuring safe and efficient movement across various modes of transportation.

Event Security

Event planning is always a hassle, but choosing someone to guard the event of your dreams shouldn’t be. Here at Total Security, we keep you guarded at any kind of event you can think of.

Hospital Security

Hospital security encompasses measures to safeguard patients, staff, and assets, including surveillance systems, access control, security personnel, and emergency response protocols. Its aim is to ensure a safe environment, prevent unauthorized access, mitigate threats, and maintain confidentiality of medical information.


Private investigations involve gathering information, conducting surveillance, and analyzing data to uncover facts for private clients. Investigators use various methods such as research, interviews, and observation to resolve legal, financial, or personal matters discreetly and ethically.

Security Consulting

Security consulting involves assessing, analyzing, and mitigating risks to safeguard assets, data, and personnel. Consultants advise organizations on security strategies, policies, technologies, and procedures to prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a resilient security posture.

Fire Watch

“Fire watch” typically refers to a designated individual tasked with monitoring an area for potential fire hazards, especially in construction sites or areas undergoing hot work operations. They maintain vigilance to prevent fires and respond promptly to any signs of danger.

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