Joining Total Security offers a fulfilling career where you play a vital role in safeguarding people and property. You’re entrusted with ensuring the safety of clients, employees, and premises. One exciting aspect is the opportunity to work in diverse environments like office buildings, retail stores, or outdoor events, keeping your role dynamic. Total Security values your growth, offering pathways for advancement within the company. Whether supervisory roles or specializing in security, there are opportunities for progression. Our company prioritizes training, equipping you with skills in security protocols, crisis management, and conflict resolution. Working in a team fosters camaraderie, communication, and mutual support, while engaging positively with the community builds trust and enhances safety. Flexible scheduling accommodates various lifestyle needs, and the job provides fulfillment, making a tangible difference in others’ lives. Join Total Security for a career where you protect, grow, and positively impact your community.

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Observe and Report

A motto of our company is “observe and report.” It underscores the vital role of guards in maintaining safety and security. “Observe” urges guards to remain vigilant, attentively scanning their surroundings for potential threats or suspicious activities. This extends beyond merely spotting obvious signs of danger to discerning subtler cues indicative of impending risks. Concurrently, “report” stresses the importance of timely and accurate communication. Guards must swiftly relay their observations or any incidents to the relevant authorities or stakeholders. Effective reporting enables prompt interventions to mitigate risks and ensure safety. Furthermore, the ethos encourages non-confrontational interventions, prioritizing de-escalation and conflict resolution. Ultimately, “observe and report” signifies a proactive and preventative approach crucial for safeguarding clients and the public, relying on vigilant observation and efficient communication.

Security Guard Camera Tracking

24 Hour Tracking

At Total Security, we use the latest and greatest technology to accurately track your time on the clock. Real-time monitoring allows managers to oversee workforce activity remotely, accessing comprehensive dashboards and reports for informed decision-making. Cloud-based accessibility streamlines administrative tasks and promotes collaboration. Self-service portals empower employees to view schedules, request time off, and monitor hours worked, enhancing engagement and transparency. By embracing these technologies, Total Security sets a new standard for workforce management, prioritizing innovation, efficiency, and excellence in service delivery. We want to make sure you are always correctly compensated for your time.

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